Are We Wearing Blood Clothes?

Today is a really important day, but maybe you don’t know that. The reality is that most people in the west don’t pay too much attention to today. On 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its a statistic unless you let yourself… Continue reading Are We Wearing Blood Clothes?

Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya

Fancy hats and fascinators are definitely reviving thanks to the gorgeous Katie Middleton.  As can be seen by my Pinterest board I am a complete fan of the fashion!  I decided that my St. Patrick’s Day outfit needed some pizzaz, thus it was a good time to make my very first hat.  After doing some quick… Continue reading Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya

Baby Its Cold Outside!

Winter finally really hit this past month!  With temperatures well below freezing, this southern girl is not happy.  I do not like cold!  In fact, my husband and I first bonded over our mutual dislike of cold weather.  “Let’s get married and move to a tropic island!” He told me on our first date.  Five… Continue reading Baby Its Cold Outside!