Baby Its Cold Outside!

Winter finally really hit this past month!  With temperatures well below freezing, this southern girl is not happy.  I do not like cold!  In fact, my husband and I first bonded over our mutual dislike of cold weather.  “Let’s get married and move to a tropic island!” He told me on our first date.  Five years later, despite our strong feelings about cold, we still haven’t moved to that tropical island. The only upside to these dreadful temperatures, that settle in my bones turning me into a permanent popsicle, is that I have a wonderful excuse to explore my over flowing stash of yarn.

Knitting is one of my crafty weaknesses. I can crochet up a storm, but my knitting prowess has previously been limited to endless scarves. When a friend of mine sent me pictures of a few knit projects she thought I would enjoy creating  I decided it was well past time that I tackled my weakness.  A visit to my local craft store procured me a set of circle needles and I set out to knit a beanie with a little feminine flare.

Finish hat

Despite my uncertainty, I am quite please with with results! Plus, due to my afore mentioned yarn stash, the entire project cost me very little.  All I needed purchased was an 1/8 yard of faux leather and a 5/8′ button.   I used Red Heart with Love worsted weight purple yarn and  size 7 needles.

Finished hat Close up 3

For someone so inexperienced, I tackled this project with gusto, I didn’t even use a pattern.  After a little research I decided on the number to cast on to achieve the size hat I wished to make.  A good knitter would have knitted a section to gage the stitch, but I ignored this (amateur confidence). Once I had knitted a tube approximately 7″ long I finished off and began planning how I could form the cap.  Since I wasn’t using a pattern I had to figure things out myself.  Of course I had been contemplating the conundrum of closing the cap as I knitted and knew I did not want to simply gather the top. I also did not wanted to slowly diminish because I felt that managing the circle needles was enough of a new challenge for me.

Finished Hat Close up 2_edited-2

In order to form the cap I laid the tube flat and divided it into four equal sections using sharp pins. Next I used a yarn needle to sew closed the two section on the edges of the tube.  That left the middle half section open.  Next I pushed the two closed sections to the middle of the hat so that they met; mean while pulling the open sections out to the side. Then I sewed the open sections closed.  At this point the top of the hat was sewn closed and the seams formed an “x”. To finish the hat I tacked the corners of all four seams to the center of the “x”.

Finished hats

The details in the faux leather tab really make this hat for me! Its a common slouchy beanie but the tab makes it something better.  In fact I’m comfortable enough with my first real knitted project I’m giving it to my super stylish sister-in-law! The only question now is what next? It will either be something adventurously over my head or something just for fun because I’m lazy.


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